Marc Lüders 

Marc Lüders, “Objekt” 2014, Oil on Cibachrome Print

Marc Lüders 


Marc Lüders 


Marc Lüders bases his “PHOTOPICTUREN” on photographs, which he elaborates with a penchant for painting. Each of his works consists of two dimensions, a photographic and a painted element, that blend together as one. Diverse in nature, they exist in parallel, while forming in Lüders art a unity of their own. As backgrounds, the artist uses his photographs of urban scenarios, real landscapes, empty spaces, derelict sites or wasteland, fronted by figures or objects, which stand out in stark contrast to the surroundings, from which they emerge and highlight the diversity between photography and painting, surroundings, people or objects.

Lüders selects his characters from city life. Often, he captures them momentarily, while they’re waiting somewhere or indecisive, frozen in some activity and transfers this inaction to his works. The people seem alien, deserted and dislocated from the world around them. Marc Lüders interprets this isolation as a mirror of man's existence, of his “being thrust into” a world he is seeking to access or understand.

Lüders signals this adaptation by fusing ambient colours into the colouring of his figures, that are often painted with thickly applied impasto, sculptural or abstract. At times, they appear utterly transparent, seemingly merging with the photographic image. Space is irreal and serves as a backdrop for encounters that lack any immediately apparent sense and context, while still revealing an encoded message to those acquainted with the language of the subconscious and the intensity of ephemeral moments.

– Stephanie Bunk, translated by Frances Palgrave

Marc Lüders is born in Hamburg, Germany in 1963. He lives and works in Hamburg.
1986 studied graphic design at the Departmend Design, HAW Hamburg
1994 began to study anthropology and philosophy at the Johannes Gutenberg Universität in Mainz, Germany
1997 art scholarship city of Hamburg
2002 art scholarship of the German Akademie Rom, Villa Massimo in Casa Baldi, Olevano Romano


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2019"RADICAL TWILIGHT", group show, Frapant, Hamburg;

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2014"Additionen der Gegenwart", group show, Kunstmuseum Bochum

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“Theorie des Daseins” – Marc Lüders