Beba Lindhorst

Beba Lindhorst, “VIPs – Beba by Peter Lohmeyer”

Beba Lindhorst


Beba Lindhorst

„Portraits of celebrities, but not the conventional kind. In these photos, the celebrity stands behind the camera, role-swapping with the photographer. Whereas celebrities (especially actors) normally pose for the camera to be caught on film, they now act as director or photographer, creating a portrait that suits their own ideas. In like manner, I as the photographer switched sides to assume the role of the model. I prepared the props, costumes and setting according to the ideas of the person taking the picture – suggestions came from both sides – I took care of the technique and acted in front of the camera. In that way, a joint work of art was created. “
Beba Lindhorst

Beba Lindhorst, born in Berlin, grown up on Sylt, lives and works in Hamburg. 

2008 exam „with special honours" freie Akademie der bildenden Künste, Essen


2017/2018group show “bright days ahead”, Galerie Commeter, Hamburg

2017group show “Art in mind”, the annexe, London, UK

 group show “Photography now”, Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK

2016/2017group show “bright days ahead“, Galerie Commeter, Hamburg

2016solo show “Bebamania”, Oberüber Karger, Dresden

2015fair, Cologne Fine Art, Köln

 fair, Medien- und Fotomesse “C.A.R.”, Essen, 2015

 solo show, fadbk Essen

2014group show “präsent20”, Galerie A.G., Schwerin

2013exhibition “mini mes” Kaifu Zentrum, Hamburg

 solo show, junges Museum Bottrop, Bottrop

 exhibition “gemalte Chemogramme” Kaifu Zentrum, Hamburg

 exhibition at “Hamburgs Spitzen”

2012group show “wünsch Dir was”, Galerie kulturreich, Hamburg

2011Schloss/Kunstverein Wiligrad

 190 Jahre Jubiläum Galerie Commeter Künstler der Galerie, Hamburg

2010solo show “VIPs”, Persiehl & Heine, Galerie für Fotografie, Hamburg

2009Kunstspur Essen

2008Kunstspur Essen

 fair, “bildsprachen”, Gelsenkirchen

2007Kunstspur Essen

2006group show, “Escalating Arts”, Flottmannhallen Herne

2005Kunstspur Essen

2005gallery opening “Studio Abseits”, Essen


“Pino e Pina I” 2017, fine art photo print, 27 1/2 x 31 1/2 in, BL/F 5

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“Pino e Pina II” 2017, fine art photo print, 27 1/2 x 31 1/2 in, BL/F 6

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“Pino e Pina – her” 2017, fine art photo print, 27 1/2 x 18 in, BL/F 7

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“Pino e Pina – him” 2017, fine art photo print, 27 1/2 x 18 in, BL/F 8

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