Doug & Mike Starn

Doug and Mike Starn, “Lotus”

Doug & Mike Starn

Doug and Mike Starn Sirio

Doug & Mike Starn

Doug and Mike Starn, American artists, identical twins, born 1961. First having received international attention at the 1987 Whitney Biennial, for more than 20 years the Starns were primarily known for working conceptually with photography, and are concerned largely with chaos, interconnection and interdependence. Over the past two and half decades, they have continued to defy categorization, effectively combining traditionally separate disciplines such as photography, sculpture, architecture.

Doug and Mike Starn, born in America in 1961, live and work in New York. 


2013Mike + Doug Starn “No Mind Not Thinks No Things Juju”, Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm

2013Doug and Mike Starn “No Mind Not Thinks No Things”, HackelBury Fine Art, London

2013“Big Bambú”, Naoshima Museum Setouchi Triennial

2012“Gravity of Light”, Cincinnati Art Museum: at the Holy Cross-Immaculata Church

2012“Big Bambú – Minotaur Horn Head”, curated by Francesco Bonami, Museo Macro Testaccio, Rome

2012“Big Bambú”, Commission for Enel Contemporanea, at Museo Macro Testaccio Rome

2011“Big Bambú”, Official Collateral Exhibition to the 54th Venice Biennal

2010“Doug + Mike Starn on the Roof: Big Bambú”, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

2009“Recent Work”, Baldwin Gallery, Aspen, Colorado

2009“Doug & Mike Starn”, Middlebury College Museum of Art, Middlebury

2009“Big Bambú”, Wetterling Gallery Stockholm

2008“alleverythingthatisyou”, David Weinberg Gallery, Chicago

2008“Doug & Mike Starn”, Thordén Wetterling Gallery, Göteborg

2008“Gravity of Light”, Wood Street Galleries/at the Pipe Building, Pittsburgh

2007“Black Pulse 2000-2007”, The Print Center, Philadelphia

2006“Absorption + Transmission”, Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh

2006“Absorption + Transmission”, FotoFest 2006, Houston

2006“Absorption + Transmission”, Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal, Leiden

2006“Mike & Doug Starn”, Galeria Metta Madrid

2006“alleverythingthatisyou”, Baldwin Gallery Aspen

2006“Opposition of Coincidents”, Torch Gallery Amsterdam

2005“I’m a negative falling down to the light a silhouette veins flowing with black visible to these useless blind eyes”, Wetterling Gallery Stockholm, Sweden

2005“Impermanence”, Castelli Gallery New York, NY

2005“Absorption + Transmission”, The National Academy of Sciences Washington, DC

2004“Gravity of Light”, Färgfabriken Kunsthalle Stockholm, Sweden


“Guanyin” 2005 – 2007, four-coloured carbon print on Zerkel-paper with gold foil, 19.7 x 19.7 in, unique print

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segmented lotus

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Seascape in fog

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